Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gold Farming of Heroics: Which Heroic is best to farm

Now believe it or not one of the best places to farm gold in world of Warcraft now that cataclysm has dropped is from a Burning Crusade heroic, namely heroic Magister Terrace.
Once a damn hard heroic it is now easily enough put on farm mode. Why in the world would you farm for gold in Heroic Magisters Terrace you might ask? Simple.

1. Easy. At level 85 H MGT is a breeze.
2. More epic patterns than you can shake a sword at. Patterns for the Gloves of living touch, Cobrascale Gloves & the Netherdrake gloves to name a few. These work only if you can craft them because they are BOP. If you can craft them they can make you a large amount of gold especially in the level 70 twink market.
3. Tons of BOE items as well drop from this gold farm, I mean former heroic. Adamantite Weapon Chain, Unyielding Bracers, etc, etc.

It’s not to far fetch to imagine an average 1k run per instance if you include all the enchant mats and BOE items H MGT is definitely worth the work

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cataclysm Leveling Guide - WOW leveling guides in Cataclysm

Well it’s been quite some time since last this site was updated but without further delay let’s get to talking about cataclysm leveling guides and whether or not they are still necessary with the built in quest tracking blizzard provides.

First and foremost let me say blizzard did a pretty good job at marking where quests are and where they need to be turned in. In almost all cases the built in World of Warcraft quest guide is accurate. The benefits of their new system clearly crap on what they previously had...which was pretty much nothing.

The question then is, “DO you need a World of Warcraft leveling guide for cataclysm?”

The answer still remains yes.

The beauty of a World of Warcraft leveling guide was never the map icons. Don’t get me wrong they were/are a great thing and make leveling a breeze. No, what you’re really benefiting from when you get a World of Warcraft leveling guide is the LEVELING PATH; in other words the most efficient way to complete quests in order to level the fastest. With literally thousands of quests in World of Warcraft it’s very easy to simply finish quests after quest and trudge along killing and basically wandering around with no real goal beyond leveling. Don’t get me wrong, you will level you will get gold and you will EVENTUALLY make it to level 85. The issue here isn’t leveling its leveling speed and THAT is what a good leveling path provides.

Now you might have leveled 100’s of characters in the past the difference now is that cataclysm has pretty much changed everything in Azeroth. Cataclysm leveling guides provide you with all new quest paths. Paths that have been tried, tested, optimized and made available for you. Speed my friend, speed is what Cataclysm leveling guides are bringing to the table. After personally using zygor to level several characters from 1-85 and then testing out what a typical no guided run to level 85 is like I can attest for a 4 day play time drop in leveling time.

Only 4 days you say? That’s 96 hours of game time. A little math and that’s 3.2 hours of in game time in addition to the 4-6 days game time you’ll get with a guide. Do you get that. Without a guide you’re looking at roughly 11 days of play time to get to end game activities.

11 days.
That’s 264 hours.
IF you played for 8.8 hours a day you’d do that in 30 days.
4.4 hours in 60 days
2.9 in 90 days
3 months of 3 hours a day to get to level 85.

Now let’s look at the 120 hours you can get safely with a leveling guide.

That’s 4 hour a day for 30 days
2 hours a day for 60 days
1.33. hours a day for 90 days.

In a nut shell you’re leveling time is quite literally cut in half.

Are World of Warcraft leveling guides still relevant in Cataclysm?

Only if you like leveling twice as fast as you normally would.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zygor Warcraft Leveling Guide - Zygors untouchable guide.

I’ve decided to stop using the words...BEST World of Warcraft Guide because I’ve found that the guides are always on changing and implementing new technologies, for instance Zygor Leveling Guides new Smart Injection Techonology which allows you to basically plug in a character at any level and start using the guide without fumbling around.

What I will say is BEST World of Warcraft Guide team. After having used and promoted both Zygor and Dugis, which are definitely the two most accurate and speedy wow leveling guides available I have, after much debate and comparison, taking into account several factors (originality, implementation, community, response, commitment to excellence, etc) decided that Zygor Guides has displayed a certain degree of “MIND NUMBING AWESOMENESS” in regards to their leveling guides that makes me have to say they are deserving of the Warcraft Leveling Guide Crown.


A few simple things stick out about Zygor Guides...

1. Originality. From the beginning Zygor guides has pushed the envelope when it comes to new ideas. In game leveling guides, auto quest tracking, taxi cab arrows, smart injection, deathknight starting zone guide, etc, etc. Zygor has his ear to the ground and is always out there putting oout new USEFUL updates on a consistant basis.

2. They are players...not salesmen. I’m an internet marketer AND a Warcraft player so I can spot “internet marketers” pretending to be wow players and wow players giving their opinion. I give my opinion more or less daily at, I walk the walk and talk the talk. There are guides out there that, if you pay close attention, use stock photos, they cannibalize other guides and simply “re-make” them to “new fresh guides” or steal ideas and market them.

Personally I’d rather help out a fellow wowhead than some guy who saw that they could make a quick buck pushing “wow guides”. That’s just me though. Not that other guides aren’t created by wow players, just that I know some of them aren’t. I’ll not give names no the ones that aren’t, I will say that ZYGOR is legit though.

3. Speed. Simply put getting to 80 is fastest when using Zygor guides, period. No if ands or buts. Zygor has THE premier leveling guide speeds because their quest route is time tested and optimized, obviously others can copy this, but having seen the Warcraft guide business “bloom” I suspect I know where other guides got their routes from.

4. It’s cheap. The small fee you’ll pay for this guide pays for itself. Don’t believe me? Open up a craigslist in your city and in the search box type “Warcraft” now look at how many accounts are on sale...$200, $400, $800 in some instances for what Zygor is practically giving away.

Enough talk, try Zygor for yourself for free click the image and get started now: